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3 unexpectedly delicious ways to use grated radishes

3 ways grated radish-2

Confession: I used to buy radishes because they’re beautiful, not because I particularly liked to eat them. You see, every week I have to get something that gets me excited for the dinners ahead, something vibrant (like radishes) or quietly beautiful (like beetroots). Mostly this works out fine, but radishes – well, they’re just a little loud to for using in large quantities. I prefer to use them almost like a garnish to avoid complete eradishification of flavour. This used to mean radishes slowly growing hairy in my fridge (seriously…they grow little white roots like an old man who hasn’t shaved in a month). Given how much I rail against food waste, it was time to find some more delicious, practical ways to enjoy this beauteous vegetable. Here are my 3 favourite ways to use radishes so far. Each recipe effectively forces the aggressive peppery radish into Calming Down, so you can enjoy a respectable quantity without blitzkrieging your tastebuds. You can also use daikon radish although unless they’re homegrown they’ll be much more watery, so you’ll have to squeeze some of the moisture out for the sauce.

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Herb-flecked radish yogurt sauce

This is like an even prettier version of a tzatziki. If you have any leftovers, turn into a yummy dressing for potato salads: add 1 part mustard and triple the quantity of olive oil, and mix until smooth.

Bash garlic clove(s) into oblivion in a mortar and pestle with salt. Stir everything else in. Serve with crusty breads or pita toasted till it’s crunchy, or grilled red meat, or drizzle over a simple salad of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.