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1Easylife 2-Piece Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, Extra Large & Medium Size Set, All-Natural and 100% Anti-Bacterial, Perfect For Meat & Veggie Prep, Serving Bread and Cocktail Bar Board
Price: $59.99
Sale: $28.99
  • ★★ MUST-HAVE KITCHEN SET - Set of 2 bamboo cutting boards perfect for every food prep need, the extra large one measures 18 in x 12 in x 3/4 in, providing engouh space and strength for heavy duties, the medium one measures 11 in x 9 in x 3/5 in that great for serving up appetizers or make fruit salad.
  • ★★ 100% TOTALLY BAMBOO MANUFACTUR - Unlike other bammboo cutting boards glued with bamboo strips, it’s constructed from totally natural bamboo with no glue, stains or finishes. Seamless surface means there is no porous to grow bacteria and won’t crack or split compared to other Stitching boards.
  • ★★ ALL-NATURAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHEN TOOL - As we know bamboo is the most renewable resources in the world, our cutting board made of all-natural Moso bammo which is organic and chemicals free. It’s not only eco-friendly to the environment but also gentle to your knives, so never worry it will dulls your knives.
  • ★★ 3 ELEGANT DESIGNS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION - We are concerned about all the problems that our customers are concerned about. That’s why the cutting board featurs so perfect details. ★ The unique Trapezoidal-Edge design, makes it easily take up from the counter. ★ Thanks to the drip groove, there is no more mess or juice after serving cooked meats. ★ There is a rounded built-in handle which is no rust and never falling off compaired to other metal handles.
  • ★★ VERSATILE AND EASY TO MAINTAIN - Reversible surfaces allows you flip the board to the smooth side to serving as tray or platter. You will love this cutting board for the easy maintaining, just wash with warm water and soap and air dry. Periodically rub with mineral oil to extend lifespan of the board.

Are you still worried about there is no extra cutting board when you preparing a feast?

Are you looking for a cutting board that won't warp or dull your knives?

Do you want a new kitchenware that is health, durable, effective and eco-friendly?

1Easylife 2-piece premium bamboo cutting board set would meet all your expectations. A thick and Large one with groove guaranteed to handle all heavy duty choping, a lightweight and medium one with built-in handle provide a perfect using for fruits and vegetables.

What makes 1easylife bamboo cutting boards apart from the rest?

★ Set of 2 just the right sizes- makes cooking easier, whether you're slicing meat to chopping veggies

★ Constructed entirely from organic bamboo with no glue or pesticides, Seamless surface makes it's no porous to grow bacteria and won’t crack!

★ No dyes, pesticides or other harmful chemicals to contaminate your food.

★ Thanks to the bamboo’ natural benefits – strong, durable but gentle to your knives, never dulls the knives even after thousands of hours of chopping meats or vegetables.

★ The Reversible surfaces allows you flip the board to the smooth side to serving as tray or platter.

We focus on the quality in every detail, We're confident that you'll love our bamboo cutting


If the board is not used within a long time, season it with food oil, air dry, seal it with plastic wrap to make it isolate from moisture in the air, so as to better protect the cutting board and prevent mildew.

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